Dear Parents,
Welcome to Apollo English's AleX - a groundbreaking parents' portal and communication platform, developed with the help of S.E.N Technologies.
AleX is designed as a tool to support the connection between parents and Apollo English to help parents manage their children's learning anytime and anywhere, giving parents peace of mind, and the ability to monitor and contribute to the English language development of their children with Apollo English.
AleX provides parents with detailed information about their child’s academic schedules, results, teachers’ comments and an analysis of progress and development based on set learning goals. In addition, Alex is also a tool for parents to respond directly to Apollo English, for the purposes of supporting their child’s progress, or finding out vital information.
To access AleX, parents can log in to any device's web browser or download the application to their smartphones.
Parents can access Alex at the following link
Step 1: Login
At the login page, please enter your Email in ‘USERNAME OR EMAIL’ and the default password ‘apollo123456’.
Step 2: Click on the ‘Profile’ and choose the option ‘Profile’ to change the password.
Step 3: Change the default password into a password of your choice
Make sure to remember your new personal password for future visits.
If you do forget your new password, contact the Apollo English Centre that your child attends for assistance.
To help those with busier schedules, or to check on your child’s progress on the go, Alex can be accessed through the smartphone application My Alex, downloadable from Apple’s Appstore (for IOS device) or Google Play (for Android devices). My Alex has the same learning process management features as the web platform, but also has the function ‘Receive notifications’, allowing parents to opt in to live results and analysis of their children’s work from the Apollo English
My Alex's list of features on the phone is as follows:

- Homepage: provides you with your child's learning history, as well as information about upcoming lessons and analysis of your child’s performance relative to their peers.

- Notice: new contact information from Apollo

- Calendar: provides you with detailed access to their child's record within their lessons at Apollo

- Report: allows you to stay up to date with your child's current progress

- Feedback: allow parents to send, receive and review communications with the Apollo English Team

- Profile: provides you with detailed information about your child's records at Apollo

In order to support children during the login process, parents can log in for their child following these steps:

Step 1: Enter the link

Step 2: Enter your student ID number into the Account Name or Email and Password fields. Apollo will provide you with this information.

Thank you!